Sunday, 26 February 2017

Dragon Naturally Speaking 13

For me speech recognition is a godsend. It has allowed me to keep playing games as best I can and it has even enabled me to write this blog. There are two main competitors for speech recognition, Windows speech recognition and nuance. My weapon of choice is Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 13. At the time of writing this you can now get version 15. However, in my case I much prefer 13 or 14. This is because for my needs 13 and 14 are the most versatile, but we will get to that later. I like Dragon because it is really good at picking my voice over the sound of my ventilator which is something for some reason windows speech recognition just could not do. The speech recognition provided by Windows still has some uses which we will also get to in later posts. Suffice to say that most of the third-party software that uses speech recognition usually does it through the windows speech recognition engine. This includes voice attack and glovepie. With the version of Dragon I have you can easily make basic text macros. These can be used to type a lot of text with just one command. I have a command called My Email Address which simply writes down my full email address. I also have ones for my phone number, lines of my address, a full address and a few commands that I used to use in the World of Warcraft chat window. The main reason I find version 13 and 14 the most versatile is because you can use natlink, vocola and dragonfly. At the moment it does not seem to be working properly with the new version of Dragon dictate. Hopefully, in the future it will but for now I will recommend the versions before 15. This is only meant to be a short post suggesting that if you are considering speech recognition for an accessibility need then you should really go with DragonDictate 13/14 but that you should also train windows speech recognition just in case.

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  1. Thank you for writing this Robert. We aee looking at Dragon naturally speaking for school and this helps a lot as there will be external noises (classroom hubbub) to take into account. I will show this to the techy lady ��