Friday, 10 March 2017

Accessibility Software: Cheat Engine

Whilst this is definitely not "accessibility software" by any stretch of the imagination.It is still something that I use quite often. I know it is designed for cheating but sometimes I have to use it in order to counter some of my physical limitations. The only thing I really use this for is the speed hack feature. If after I have got specialist hardware and used all my other adaptations I still cannot get away with playing a certain game then I will use the speed hack to slow it down to give myself more time to react. Sometimes I might slow down a fighting game or a game with lots of QuickTime events. A good example of this is with any of the tell-tale games where once you have read the dialogue you have mere seconds to respond. One of my favourite type of games is the hidden object game such as those available from big fish games. In most cases you have all the time in the world to figure out what to do however in Ravenhearst 2 there is a stage where you have to get so many points in a game of whack a mole. It would have been impossible for me to do this had I not been able to slow that bit down.

I would like to point out that I have my own set of conditions or rules for when I allow myself to use cheats. The most important being that I do not use it in multiplayer games or any games where I might be seen to have an advantage. Even though that is a load of bollocks, I mean no matter how much advantage I try and give myself there is no way I can have any more advantage than somebody who has a working pair of arms and hands. I also will not use this software on anything where I could achieve a massive high score. Some people work really hard to get a high score so I would not really want to take that away from them. Besides, the only thing I really want to achieve is finishing a game for my own personal enjoyment. I still manage quite nicely and quite a few multiplayer games but for those rather expensive single player experiences I will often use cheat engine to finish the game rather than burn £50.

You can download Cheat Engine 6.6 here:

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