Saturday, 18 March 2017

Accessibility Software: Natlink, Vocola and Dragonfly

This is another one of my pieces of accessibility software that isn't technically accessibility software but I find it quite useful and use it every day. The main piece of software is called Natlink and what this does is expose the API of Dragon NaturallySpeaking which in turn allows other pieces of software to have access to voice commands. Voice commands with Dragon NaturallySpeaking are in my opinion better than anything else available at the moment and that is why I prefer this. The two extra pieces of software I like are called Vocola and Dragonfly. Vocola is the easiest one to use and it is one I use the most often. I use it to add commands that write my email address, my postal address and other fiddly things. This saves me a lot of time and I have also found that I can use it in videogames. I can't use it for anything that requires quick reflexes in videogames but for the menu navigation and other action buttons like opening doors it is very useful. The next piece of software is called dragonfly and this technically isn't software but a series of scripts/macros that I use to enable me to program with my voice. With this you can make your own more advanced scripts. At the moment the ones I use to program allow me to switch between different languages and it also gives me a message telling me what language I am using. It also has the naming conventions so I can write things like this camelCase really quickly. If you are not programming then you don't really have to worry about dragonfly but because of what you can achieve in Vocola I would recommend you have a go of that. You will need to be using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12, 13 or 14. I prepared a video explaining how you install it. There are also links on video for where you can download all the bits. Enjoy.


Python 2.7.13:

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