I am Bert and welcome to my Blog.

I come from the North East of England. I also have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy which as the name implies is a muscle wasting condition. However, this blog is not really intended to be all about how I "suffer" this condition. It is more supposed to be how I get on with my life, how I cope with the condition and how I generally try and maintain some sort of sanity. With mixed success I might add.

I must warn you that one of my coping mechanisms is very dark sense of humour and an extreme level of sarcasm and wit. Mostly sarcasm. This madness is not my only method of getting on with things. I always have some interesting hobbies and projects at hand to try and abate the sense of boredom which is always lurking not too far away. This blog is intended to be one of said hobbies and projects. These projects normally revolve around some sort of manipulation of technology to make my life easier with the hope that other people might find them useful.

The following bullet points should give you some idea of what hobbies and stuff I might end up talking about in the future. They include but are not limited to:

  • Videogames
  • Technology
  • Gardening
  • Tinkering/Making
  • Programming
I also always try and keep my mind sharp so most of the time I will always be doing some kind of online course. Most of the courses I do are something to do with the sciences such as maths and computer programming. You never know, there is always the small possibility that I might in the future get better and it wouldn't hurt to keep my skill set as fresh as possible.

As I mentioned before this won't be all about my condition, there will obviously be a bit of that but most of the time it will be the previously mentioned bullet points or just general musings and silliness. If you want to get away from the depressing deadly side of muscular dystrophy for a change then this is probably the place for you.

I hope you visit again soon.

Bert Out.

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